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How can I help you?

Feel free to reach out via email to discuss which services or programs are right for you, to check on availability, and to inquire about current program rates.  

Programs and other services

Supportive and Compassionate Programs for Individuals and Families

​Cult education programs

Programs to support individuals seeking to leave abusive or coercive situations

Programs to support family and friends of individuals who are involved in abusive or coercive situations

Cult recovery programs for former cult members

Please email me for more information on these programs.

Mental Health Evaluations

I am available to provide comprehensive mental health evaluations for clients who have been victim to abuse, and forensic evaluations for perpetrators of abuse, as needed for various entities, including courts, district attorneys, or primary care providers.


I am happy to provide one free consultation to individuals to determine which is the best program for them.

Contact me via email to set up your free consultation.

Support Groups for Former Cult Members

Join a supportive, non-judgmental space with other former cult members.


Process your experience  safely with individuals who understand and can validate your story and history.


Learn about the dynamics of coercive control, undue influence, systems of control, mechanisms of manipulation, and thought-reform techniques so you can understand your experience and safeguard yourself from future exploitation.

Please email me to inquire about availability.

Court Testimony

Please reach out for an individualized consultation if you are in need of an expert witness in court trials related to trauma resulting from abuse and/or cult involvement.

Speaking Engagements

I am available to contract for speaking engagements related to cult recovery, Jehovah's Witnesses, and my own cult recovery story.

Please reach out via email to check my availability.

I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Johnson to turn to for help and guidance.
As an ex-JW,  knowing she was raised the same as I was makes it so easy to communicate.
There is no need for long explanations regarding the teachings of the JW's, she understands because she has lived it.
She is a good listener, compassionate, patient, and kind.
I would suggest anyone who has issues due to a religious cult (JW or other) to reach out to her; you will be happy you did.

- S

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