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What Does Cult Recovery Work Look Like?

Your Recovery Program

Although each person's journey to post-cult life will be different, 

they will have core needs in common.

Psychoeducation in Cult Dynamics

Knowledge is the foundation for healing and starting your new life.  You need to have a full understanding about how the group manipulated you and infected the way you see yourself, others, and the world around you. 


Learning how other groups operate and learning the basic "m.o." of cults in general - and seeing the similarities between groups - will help you see the group with which you were involved as the manipulative "cult" it is. 


This is a core element of cult recovery as it assists former members in detaching mentally from the group.

Trauma-Focused Work in Cult Recovery


Involvement in high-control situations, whether it be cults, high-demand/high-control groups, or interpersonal violence, results in trauma in many different forms, depending on the situation.

In addition to any specific abuses (physical, verbal, mental, emotional, sexual, financial), cult-related trauma includes profound spiritual abuses that need to be processed.

Further, involvement in these groups interferes in the way members see themselves, the people around them, and the world in general, and these distorted views need to be reset.

Identity Work in Cult Recovery

In most cases, the group has stripped away members' natural personalities and has installed a group persona and mandatory belief system.  Particularly for members who were born-in or raised-in from childhood, this is a huge part of the work. 


Identity work helps former members discover who they are from an innate perspective, helps them identify who they want to be and what they believe autonomously, and then strategizes how they can create their new life as healed, autonomous, and authentic individuals.

After you share your story, we will work through three stages of recovery:

Commitment - Healing - Identity

  1. We set your commitment to the process and to safety​​

    1. We set your motivation to learn about cult dynamics

    2. We learn about ways that your group employed control tactics

    3. We set your focus to move into recovery

  2. We set your healing intention

    1. We identify your specific traumas​

    2. We do extensive narrative work

    3. We practice slowly via exposure work 

  3. We create your post-cult identity

    1. You redefine who you want to be​

    2. We strategize how you will work toward your new, post-cult self

    3. You outline ways you can implement your new identity


  1. You monitor your progress

  2. We evaluate where you want to make further changes

  3. You identify ways to practice

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