How can I help you? 

Compassionate Psychotherapy 

Support groups for former cult members



        Anger Management

        Behavioral Issues

        Bipolar Disorder

        Borderline Personality


        Coping Skills



        Domestic Abuse

        Domestic Violence

        Dual Diagnosis

        Eating Disorders

        Emotional Disturbance

        Family Conflict



        Intellectual Disability

        Life Transitions

        Marital and Premarital

        Narcissistic Personality

        Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

        Oppositional Defiance


        Peer Relationships

        Racial Identity

        Relationship Issues

        Religious Trauma

        School Issues

        Self Esteem

        Self-Harming Behaviors

        Sexual Abuse


        Substance Abuse

        Suicidal Ideation

        Teen Violence

        Women's Issues

Join a supportive, non-judgmental space with other former cult members.  Process your experience  safely with individuals who understand and can validate your story and history.  Learn about the dynamics of coercive control, undue influence, systems of control, mechanisms of manipulation, and thought-reform techniques so you can understand your experience and safeguard yourself from future exploitation.

Consultation, Supervision, Training


I contract with local agencies to provide client case consultation, clinical supervision, trainings related to juvenile firesetting and sexually harmful behavior, and consultation and training around organizational culture and climate.

Mental Health Evaluations


I am available to provide comprehensive mental health evaluations and juvenile risk assessments in fire setting and sexually harmful behavior for local agencies, including courts, district attorneys, and police and fire service entities that do not provide such services.

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