How can I help you? 

Compassionate Support for Individuals and Families  


Cult education

Ongoing support to individuals seeking to leave abusive or coercive situations

Ongoing support to family and friends of individuals who are involved in abusive or coercive situations

Cult recovery work

Support groups for former cult members

Join a supportive, non-judgmental space with other former cult members.  Process your experience  safely with individuals who understand and can validate your story and history.  Learn about the dynamics of coercive control, undue influence, systems of control, mechanisms of manipulation, and thought-reform techniques so you can understand your experience and safeguard yourself from future exploitation.

Please email me to inquire about availability.

Consultation, Supervision, Training


I contract with local agencies to provide client case consultation, clinical supervision, and trainings related to cults and cult recovery.

Mental Health Evaluations


I am available to provide comprehensive mental health evaluations for clients who have been victim to abuse, as needed for various entities, including courts, district attorneys, or primary care providers.