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Abuse and Cult Recovery Education

Below are some of my more frequently requested presentations:

Introductions to Cults
This talk aims to teach the audience the basic dynamics of power and control, undue influence, traumatic narcissism, the hallmarks of high-demand/high-control groups, and reviews the works of the early leaders of the cult field, Dr. Margaret Singer and Dr. Robert J. Lifton.

How Female Former Cult Members Reclaim their Relationships with Knowledge and Self-Identity (including an interactive workshop)

This presentation, including an interactive workshop, is designed specifically for the female former cult member.  The presentation is based on theories of female epistemology and examines the works of Belenky et al related to the cognitive development of women.  (Women's Ways of Knowing; Belenky et al, 1986.)

Jehovah's Witnesses Dynamics and Interpersonal Relationships

This talk examines the teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses related to marriage and courtship, the organization's role in dictating the marriage relationship, how these teachings groom JWs to be obedient members of the organization, and how the subjugation of women in the marital arrangement affects the overall development of young women.

Therapy with Born and Raised Former Cult Members, with Lorna Goldberg

I've had the honor of presenting this talk with my ICSA colleague and former ICSA President, Lorna Goldberg (  The presentation is a workshop for mental health professionals who are seeking more knowledge on how to work specifically with former cult members who were either born in or raised in their group.  

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