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Resources for cult education and recovery support:  International Cultic Studies Association

Works of Dr. Margaret Singer


Works of Dr. Robert Jay Lifton

Works of Dr. Janja Lalich

Works of Dr. Alexandra Stein

Works of Bonnie Zieman

Traumatic Narcissism by Daniel Shaw

Your Life After Trauma by Michele Rosenthal

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

Specific resources for Jehovah’s Witnesses:

              See me in the documentary about Jehovah's Witnesses on VICE TV's Vice Versa series:


              "Crusaders", Directed by Aaron Kaufman, a former Jehovah's Witness by Barbara Anderson by Paul Grundy by Lloyd Evans

Lloyd Evans Channel on YouTube

The Reluctant Apostate by Lloyd Evans

How to Escape from Jehovah's Witnesses by Lloyd Evans

Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz

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