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Why Abuse and Cult Recovery?




I'm Dr. Jackie Johnson.  My goal is to help you improve your quality of life by guiding you to discover and embrace your authentic self and by helping you heal from religious trauma, spiritual abuse, or involvement in toxic, controlling, or coercive relationships, groups, or cults.

Underneath our trauma experience lives our true, innate self.  We can recapture who we were before the trauma and abuse, and before cultic influence.  In fact, we can recreate ourselves into stronger, more confident individuals and reclaim our autonomy and freedom.

You can attain the clarity and strength needed to work through your trauma experience and current difficulties, and you can move forward and start anew.  That happens by rediscovering and embracing your authentic self.

I invite you to work on discovering just how strong you are as you journey toward reclaiming your freedom and yourself.

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